Lorn, Jewel of the Empire

“Wow. I didn’t realize how red its gotten.”
“Yep. Right rusted it is.”


Lorn is a flying hunk of metal that resides approximately 2 miles above an area of the planet below known only as the “Dread Wood.” While not overtly beautiful, Lorn’s rusted spires and constant bellows of steam hold a certain charm for those with a penchant for the insane.

The city rests atop a floating golden disk divided into sections with distinct architectural styles related to the races that reside predominantly within each. At the city’s center is the tallest (and best maintained) spire where the governing powers reside.

All in all the city is in a terrible state. Huge rusted towers and creaking steam lifts pock the spires’ surfaces and all too common are the shrieking squeals of tortured metal as one of these ancient edifices comes crashing down.

Suspended beneath the city on cables as thick as the spires above rests a massive conglomeration of hydroponic farms that serve as the city’s only sustainable food source.


Over a thousand years ago, during the Age of Iron, a great darkness began to descend across the planet. Taking the form of an ungodly mist, the darkness spread across the land snuffing out crops and withering the mighty races of the world.

In a panic, the worlds greatest wizards and engineers came together at the behest of the True King and constructed Lorn. Originally meant to be an ark of sorts, Lorn was built to safeguard the collective knowledge and achievements of the races against the eventual fall of the surface. On wings that defied logic, Lorn would be above the troubles of the world and would persist until such a time as the Mist began to clear.

At first the intentions of the True King were noble, but as the time began to near when the surface could no longer support life, he grew insane over the loss of his country and was eventually deposed amidst claims of necromancy and other darker things.

In his place the greatest of the races elected a council of five members to preside over their new city. With a great celebration the city was launched from the planet and rose above the mists to continue for another day.

Lorn, Jewel of the Empire

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