Character Creation Deadline August 1, 2015
All characters who will be playing in the game must be submitted by this date 100% finished. July 31, 2015 I will be available to answer any questions that may have arisen during the character creation process. The only requirement for characters so far is that their backstory include some explanation for why they are a mercenary.

First Playthrough August 8, 2015
All characters who were approved by the deadline can participate in the adventures first launch.

Heroes of Lorn

“Fear not the Fall, for in it we shall find our Salvation.” – High Lord Baelor

Heroes of Lorn is a campaign designed for use with DnD 3.5e. The story focuses tightly on a group of adventures as they strike out from the floating city of Lorn to discover riches and glory on the inhospitable world below.

Cut off for generations from the surface of its world, the city of Lorn is a flying juggernaut of a metropolis. Ancient and forgotten technologies keep the city aloft though few alive today understand the workings of such devices. As a consequence, much of the city has fallen into disrepair. Sights of ruination and decay are common place in the city and what was once a gilded triumph of innovation and technology has changed into a place of bleak downfall and danger.

Rumors abound throughout the commonplaces of Lorn that doom is coming to the city; such deterioration will surely one day claim its prize. Some even whisper in the more informed corners of the city that the day is coming when those in Lorn will return to the surface.

The rulers of Lorn, the High Lords, have recently decreed that expeditions should be mounted to the planet’s surface in an effort to reclaim what was once lost as a precaution against Lorn’s eventual mechanical failure. The front runners for the Great Reclamation are the Imperial Legion; hardened warriors who serve at the will of the High Lords. Such warriors come with a price, however. In an effort to speed the exploration of the world that was (and the cost) certain established mercenary groups throughout the city now hold licenses to travel to the planet’s surface and reclaim what was lost to time.

What such individuals will find none can say as the histories of the world as it was have long since crumbled to dust. All that is certain is that there is a hard road ahead and only those with strength will be able to walk it.

Heroes of Lorn

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